You get what you pay for

I am very careful about material things. I try live in a way that I don’t have a bunch of stuff that takes more energy than it is worth. I have found that if you are real particular about quality, you can have less things you don’t really need, and the few things you have can be real good quality that you can really enjoy.

The one thing that I use more than anything else is my felt cowboy hat. I don’t wear straw hats.
When I go outside I am going to be wearing my hat, no matter if it is -40 or +100. I have one work hat, a working in public hat, and a go to church dress up hat. (I take my hat off in church and in a restaurant). It’s a rotation system that I can get the most use out a hat. If a hat fits right, is shaped right, and is good enough quality, you want the relationship to last as long as possible, so you kind of take care of it. (Like a wife)

Todd McCartney, Dean Fish and myself all feel very strongly about this. When you wear a western cowboy hat you are representing a lifestyle. The beef industry is a big part of the lifestyle we like to promote and be a part of. We have all found the quality of Greeley Hat Works hats to our liking as well as the Quality of people Trent Johnson is and surrounds himself with.

So every time I put my lid on, I am reminded of the value of quality. This video is another use I have found for my Greeley Hat. Using my cowboy hat to explain how to be a better cowboy!