Shriner’s Convention

Todd McCartney and Dean Fish are what made our demos work at the NCBA Convention. Use your imagination and recreate this song for a cattlemen’s convention. Todd is Bubba, Dean is Coy, the little redhead is a Hereford instead of an Angus, the big old Harley Davidson was a big ol’ bay horse, and the Hell’s Angels were R-CALF.

~ Curt Pate

1 thought on “Shriner’s Convention

  1. Dean

    Curt! What a blast from the past! You have an uncanny way of reading people as well as livestock. I am currently denying any “Coy” incidents but don’t dig too deep. If people knew how much fun working with “Bubba”, yourself and Ron was, there would be a mile long line of applicants. I thoroughly enjoy the friendship, thought provoking conversation and knowledge you share during our time together. Take care Amigo! Dean

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