Why we get fat

I recently was hired to go to Canada and judge an event called the “Feedlot Challenge” by Zoetis. It was a great event and as always I was so impressed by the Canadians’ skills and hospitality.

They are good people and hold no grudge for the consequences of BSE and the United States decision to not act as neighbors but enemies during that crisis. I first started going to rodeos in Canada, then did clinics for years in Canada, and could not find much different with them (except they said “Eh” instead of “you know”) from cow people in the U.S. For some reason I think if we had the problem (BSE) in the states they may have responded differently, but that’s just my opinion.

Anyways, Zoetis sponsored a dinner the evening before the competition and Dr. Gary Sides was one of the speakers. I have been on programs with him before and find him to be an excellent presenter. He has a great method of sharing his enthusiasm for the cattle industry and living a good and healthy life.

The last time I heard him I read a book he recommended titled Good Calories, Bad Calories written by Gary Taubes. As I have stated before when I read a book I just let the information go into my brain and manifest itself there. I don’t try to remember all the facts, but get the general idea then let my subconscious control my thoughts.

This time speaking he recommended a new book by Gary Taubes titled Why We Get Fat and What to Do About It. It is a very well written, factual, and interesting book.

With Obamacare just going into effect, all the obesity talk going on, and the high rates of cancer, diabetes, stroke and heart attack going on I feel we all should take health very seriously.

This book questions (and proves wrong) the belief that all calories are equal. It also challenges the thought that if you eat less and exercise more you will lose weight. The book is very protein and fat friendly, and carbohydrate negative.

I hope you will read it. I really think it is important for us to find out what is causing us to become so unhealthy. When I look in the mirror and see that I am starting to put weight on in places that it should not be, I am ashamed of myself. I have gotten undisciplined in my lifestyle and it is starting to show. It is important to me to be in good physical condition to do my job. For myself it is important to be athletic so as not to get in my horses way when riding. I also want to be healthy as I age to keep living this great lifestyle I have.

So thank you to Gary for the reminder. He gets paid by a company to promote a product. The healthy living he promotes is because he cares about people.

Your health is such an important thing. As always my advice is to shut off the technology and distractions and take an hour or two to analyze it. Don’t rely on the government or someone who’s only motivation is profit or some agenda to control how you eat and live. Get the facts.
It is real important.

People these days are a a lot like cattle following each other. The lifestyle draw is real strong. We are drifting toward a cliff. Don’t follow the bunch over the cliff, but split off into a draw that will lead to a nice meadow and create the good life. Don’t be afraid to try to get someone to drift with you.

~ Curt Pate

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  1. Laure

    I just love your insight. So glad I found your blog. I have been a fan since the first time you and the family were at Midwest Horse Fair in Madison.

    Thanks for the Pate perspective.
    Keep writing.

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