Monday Morning Photo: Grazing, U.N. reports, and what makes the world go round

This is a video my daughter sent me and it shows exactly what we can do with grazing animals all over the world.  Grazing animals guts are the original recyclers.  It is a good thing to graze properly, our world depends on it.

The Patagonia video along with the recent United Nations report (see U.N. says animal handling key to cutting emissions on the farm, Drovers Cattlenetwork, 9.26.2013) are two contrasting but positive views to livestock production.  I feel the report released is much more positive than the one titled, Livestock’s Long Shadow, and goes right along with the science-based solutions I hear at seminars all the time.  The natural nutrient recycling through grazing is also needed to make this world work.  We need both technology and Mother Nature’s natural system in this world to progress.  Is it not an amazing time we live in?

Curt Pate

This is the stuff that makes the world go round, and it might be B.S.

This is the stuff that makes the world go round, and it might be B.S.

2 thoughts on “Monday Morning Photo: Grazing, U.N. reports, and what makes the world go round

  1. Land & Livestock Interntional, Inc.

    I own a company that is devoted to managed, planned, intensive grazing and know it to be the “truth and the way.” As a matter of the general course of our business, we “sequester” tons of carbon every day of the year. But, we do not do it with some high ideal in mind of “saving the world and all the little children.” We do it because it makes money.

    Private property rights are the key to resource conservation. No government bureaucrat can (or will) possibly care for a resource like someone who owns a capital interest in that land.

    So frankly, the collectivist approach of the UN, The Nature Conservancy, et all is very troublesome for me. There is an agenda that is not transparent. For example, who can possibly be opposed to “sustainability.” The problem is that when you look beneath the surface, it is little more than a code word for “we are coming for your land whether you like it or not.”

    Never believe anything you read that came from the United Nations. Most of it is focused on their Agenda 21 which is, essentially, the destruction of private property rights. If they are allowed to achieve their ultimate goal, we will “live happily ever after” in the giant global commune. The truth is such an existence will be stark and brutal.

    The collapse of the Soviet Union and the restructuring of China’s markets should be all the proof anyone needs that communism does not and can not work.

    1. Curt Pate

      What I am promoting is stockmanship and stewardship to the consumer. It seems to me that the feelings toward livestock production are improving as I pointed out in the UN piece. I am not only in the business of grazing and livestock production for profit. It is one of the good parts as well as saving the world and the little children. I am glad you brought it up. I feel I am a very conservative person and believe in private property rights. I also know if the consumer decides beef is bad, the grazing for profit will be more of a challenge.

      What are your thoughts on the Patagonia video?

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