I was driving in Colorado and saw this mix and thought it was worth a picture.
The bunch contained horses, bison, Brahman, longhorns, Angus and a jackass.  They were all content and seemed to be tolerating each other nicely.  I don’t know if they had been worked with or negotiated with to get along this good or not.

All the nations in the world should take this as an example of different needs getting along. It wouldn’t hurt if whites, blacks, Indians, Latinos, and all other races of people could get along as good as grazing animals.  NCBA, R-CALF, and the US Cattlemens should all quit acting like a bunch of young bulls on the fight and try to work together for the herd (we are even for the same species).  Even the Jackass was getting along in this bunch.

~ Curt Pate



2 thoughts on “Monday Morning Photo: The Odd Bunch

  1. Suzanne Moore

    Wonderful! I’m going to share this far and wide – it should be read by everyone. Getting along isn’t nearly as hard as we humans make it seem.

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