This picture is from Miles City, Montana in the late 1930s. A fellow from Texas came through our town of Ryegate and was looking to see if anyone new anything about a guy in the photos.  He had purchased these photos at a garage sale and thought he ought to try to get them back to family.

My Mother-in-law, Shirley Clark, not only knew him but was good friends and had worked with him for years at the Montana Department of Livestock. His name was Bill Sutter. He and my grandfather were also friends and I remember he would be fishing along the road and we would stop and visit with him. I had no idea the cowboying experience he had.

Shirley got all the pictures and is real glad to share them.  This is one of many to come.   I bet there were some real good horses in this cavvy, but I bet you had better be willing to ride when you stepped on a few of them. It was really great of the fella to try to get them back to someone who would appreciate them.  I am sure glad he did, and I will try to find his name. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.  This is the real deal.

Curt Pate


3 thoughts on “Monday Morning Photo: The Miles City Cavvy

  1. Mary Ann Ellison

    I really look forward to hearing more of this story and seeing more pictures. What a coincidence to have the connections that Shirley and you do. Montana is big but it seems that people really know one another despite the distance. I have found that to be true so much with my limited experiences out there.

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