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Working dogs series-into

I’ve gone from nothing to to much here on the scoop loop posts.  I’m here in Ryegate all alone as everyone else is Arizona getting ready for the Art of the Cowgirl that happens next week, so I have decided to use the time to get some videos up, before I Leave next week and will be gone for three weeks.

I somehow figured out how to get my stuff of GoPro on my iPad and then on YouTube, then here.  I’ve been working my dogs a lot lately and they are doing good.  

Hopefully this content will get you to thinking or just seeing how dogs can be very effective and have a real positive effect on livestock if appropriate pressure is used.

I’ll put some different things up as they come up. I don’t care what kind of dogs I have, I like them all.  I have been using hanging trees because of my friendship with Charlie Trayer, and I really like them. Mesa has Border Collies and I really like them too.

As you will see, I am not prejudiced to the kind of dog I use, I like ‘em all!

Feedlot series bonus

I had tried to download this before and couldn’t find it and then it showed up on my phone.??

I sure have trouble with this electronic stuff. I think this is a good piece and worth watching if you are interested in stockmanship ideas. The main thing I want to do is promote thought and throw ideas at you to try. The rest is your deal.