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I Am Angus: Curt Pate on importance of stockmanship, future of ranching

Curt Pate was recently featured on an episode of of “I Am Angus.” In this segment, he discusses the importance of stockmanship and stewardship to the future of ranching. For those that weren’t able to catch the segment when it aired on January 2nd, you can watch in the embedded video below or click here to go directly to YouTube to watch.

~ Jesse Bussard

Stockmanship with dairy calves

I mentioned I get lots of good info from the dairy industry.  Here is an excellent video on stockmanship. This is real good stuff.

~ Curt Pate

I spent a couple classes last week at Colorado State University discussing animal welfare and animal handling.  The second session I demonstrated how different positions affected the way cattle responded and how if cattle are worked how they like it they will respond well and get real trusting (even in a snow storm). Thanks to Ruth Woiwide for the invitation, to the students for listening, and to Temple for always inspiring me to think and get better.

~ Curt Pate