Front Porch Sunday

Things are getting serious with the COVID thing again.  I’ve had a couple of cancelations and lots of friends being affected by the virus.

I am having lots of challenges getting footage from my GoPro to the internet and I am going to have to get some help to figure it out.

I decided to try to just have a little front porch visit to see how it worked out and if you would find any benefit out of it.

So here it is.  Hope it gets your mind to working whether you agree or not.  It’s just thoughts and I sure don’t want to offend anyone, it’s just my world, yours might be a whole different world and that’s just fine.

I am also going to put the “Front Porch” song on.  I’ve presented it to you before but it’s sure worth listening to, especially the last line.  It reminds me of my grandfathers and Boyd Iverson, who’s work was never done!

Proper Pressure with Feel, Timing and Balance

Understanding and having the skill to apply different types of pressure is very important in achieving high result success in working with animals. (feel)

Knowing when to use the different types of pressure comes from previous experience and your ability to read and understand the situation in that moment. (timing)

The ability to quickly adjust the pressure needed to how the animal responds to the pressure applied. (Balance)

This is how I would explain ”feel, timing, and balance” that is often said but very seldom explained. I would like to hear more peoples explanation of it. It is a very important thing to understand and I feel the more ideas you get the better you can understand it for yourself.

Here is a video that I think is a good way to see how effective using the right pressure with feel, timing and balance is.